mandag den 6. september 2010

The Running Puking man!

Here it is! what we have all been waiting for!
so, one day, my friend had felt bad the entire day, but that didn't stop him from getting drunk at the evening.
it all began as usual, you know, having fun, drinking as if that was the only thing you had been doing your whole life, and such. But my friend and some other guys decided to get real drunk and drank a few shots.
Suddenly my friend left the table, and the other dudes followed him 'cos they were able to tell that he didn't feel good. As they came outside my friend began to walk faster, and faster and faster!! he was heading for the nearest bush! - I guess you know why - so by now he was walking like those guys who walk real fast in the olympics, who look like they were born to be homosexual, plus my friend is pretty tall, so it looked hilarius!
Now to the great part!
As he was walking, almost running, he began to puke! and no! he didn't stop and fall on his knees as he did it, no, he just turned his head while he looked like a psycho, and began to Spray the most perfect beam of vommit!
and it was so great, he continued his weird walk/run WHILE puking! i tell you, That was awesome!

To give you a better picture of how he looked, then combine these pictures:

hope you liked it, I did! (:

comment, and such you guys! peace out. 8)

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  1. :-D i lol'd. keep it up, brother. i'll follow you

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